Riding Jetskis in Cebu!

waver runners & jet ski - fun in cebu


Jet Skis & Waverunners - Usually it just takes just one look at the personal watercraft on the beautiful bayside beach and you and your family are raring to go.

Be active - make your stay at Plantation Bay a wonderful time and a memorable experience. If you have never tried Jet Skis and Wave Runners before, why not while you are with us?


Jet Skis and Wave Runners: Fun - Action - Adventure

Waverunners, or Jet Skis as they are called sometimes, have become one of the most popular sports throughout the world.

You watch first a safety instructional video and before you put on life vests. Then you climb on your Yamaha Wave Runners and off you go! Feel the power of wind and water, the ultimate experience of cruising the waves. Keep well away from other boats, swimmers and snorkelers, and be thrilled by the wind in your hair as you bounce across the waves.

Especially young family members will enjoy tremendously after the run.


Jetski & Waverunner Video from Yamaha

We use Yamaha Waverunners. Here is what you can do with our Waverunners:



Jetski & Waver Runners - Safety Issues

Although Waverunner rental is fun, easy, and a memorable experience, it is important to operate your craft with due care and attention. Give respect to swimmers, snorkelers, divers, and other larger craft.

Waverunner Rental Do's & Don't's 


  • ...listen carefully and adhere to all instructions given by your Operator.
  • ...look behind the craft before making sharp turns.
  • ...stay at least 200 Meters from the shore line unless entering or exiting the rental start point.
  • ...keep a safe distance from all other craft.


  • ...operate craft under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • ...enter restricted areas market with buoys.
  • ...enter and exit your rental start point at more than 5mph.
  • ...drive close to reefs or breaking waves.
  • ..operate a Waverunner if you are under the age of 16 Years.

If you are interested to buy your own jetski ot waverunner, please check Used jet skis & boats for sale in Cebu

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